the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock* from a north dallas garage [*think "white light/white heat"]

Upcoming Shows

20230401: Cultivate 712. Waco TX. With The Tuba Room, Sunn, Knuckle Ball, Omero, and Jessie Carver.

20230408: The Cicada. Fort Worth TX. With The Me-Thinks and Slothfist.

20230415: Bohemeo’s. Houston TX. With 500 Megatons of Boogie, and Darwin’s Finches.

20230506: Hippie Hole. Denton TX

20230514: Growl. Arlington TX. With Veldt, and Flowers of Hell.

20230526: Lamplighter. Memphis TN. With The Fabulous Fabulist, and TBA.

20230610: The Cicada. Fort Worth TX. With Crooked Bones, and TBA.

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