the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock from a north dallas garage

Upcoming Shows

Livestream & LIVE Dates now on the books! Stay tuned for details.

20210917: LIVE at The 101 (Bryan TX) with Sneaky Pete Rizzo.

20210924: LIVE at Killer’s Tacos (Denton TX) with Stace Spation, Lunar Reverb, Sadbreed, Vanastro (acoustic set)!.

20210925: LIVE at GROWL (Arlington TX) with Nooner Pine, The Go-Go Rillas, and The Sewing Jar.

20211002: LIVE at MASS (Fort Worth TX) with Red Admirals, King Booty, and Brvce Magnvs!

20211023: LIVE at Satellite Fest! Hosted by Satellite Communications and Kick Butt Coffee (Austin TX)

20211106: LIVE at Dr. Jeckyll’s Beer Lab (Pantego TX) with Crooked Bones, and Emily Davis!

20211120: LIVE at GROWL (Arlington TX) with Cornish Game Hen and The No-Where Jets!

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