the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock* from a north dallas garage [*think "white light/white heat"]

PF63 Discography

Chinese Folk Songs

Released 1 January 2016

The debut album from The Prof.Fuzz 63!

the prof.fuzz 63:
professor fuzz: guitar & vocals
sleepyredhead: organ & vocals
julie gavran: drums & vocals

all songs by professor fuzz, © 2015, BMI
recorded, mixed, & mastered by britt robisheaux
@ cloudland recording studio, ft worth tx

Available on CD and digital download from bandcamp: Chinese Folk Songs

Panda Attack EP

Released 30 January 2017

Panda Attack EP Cassette Cover

Panda Attack EP is a cassette release of new recordings of four favorites from The Prof.Fuzz 63’s debut Chinese Folk Songs.

The tapes are sold out, but digital remnants can be streamed or purchased on band camp:

Bang me hard! (to get inside)

Released 13 May 2017

PF63 Bang Me Hard cover

All About “Bang me hard! (to get inside)”

“Bang me hard! (to get inside)” is the new full-length album from Dallas’ The Prof.Fuzz 63. It is their second album. Both albums (and a limited-edition cassette-only EP) are released on Dreamy Life Records. 

Q: What is the record all about?
A: It’s about banging something hard. Especially if you want to get inside. It could be a door. It could be a jar of olives. It could be your dream job. It could be your soulmate.* 

Q: Wow! There are eleven songs on the album. What are they all about? 
A: True. There are eleven songs, and they are about things. 

Q: What sorts of things? 
A: Well, let’s take a look, one by one. 

  1. shitwater tx blues: This song is about the sad feeling one gets when plumbing goes bad. 
  2. three-way tie for dog of the year: This song is for people who like dogs. And ties. And three-ways. 
  3. transcendentalhygienist’s lullaby: This song is about unrequited love and oral hygiene, and may put you to sleep. 
  4. golden tickets to heaven: This song is a true crime story about aliens, fast food fried chicken, and Jesus. 
  5. las vegas waltz: This song is another true crime story. It is about having sex in a ferris wheel. It is also a waltz and an organ fugue. 
  6. goodtimespeedlove: This song is about a t-shirt I saw in Taiwan, cars, and Catholics. 
  7. sippy cup blues: This song is a nursery rhyme for people who have trouble holding their alcohol. 
  8. 1992 (leonard cohen’s failed prophecy): This song is true. I wish it wasn’t. I wish Leonard Cohen was still alive to hear it. 
  9. freejazzhands: This song is about street gangs in South Emily TX. It might be true. Or not. 
  10. honey bomb: This song is about love and loss. It also hints at another love triangle. 
  11. bacon waltz: This song is another true story and another waltz. It contains sage advice from Dear Abby about cooking breakfast. 

Q: When can we hear this album? 
A: It is now available in CD, digital download (, iTunes, Amazon), and streaming formats (Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, etc). Limits run of cassettes coming soon! 

*Only if your soulmate consents to hard banging. 

Lyric book! Bang me hard! Booklet

Plastic Cup / The World Needs Nevada

Released 15 October 2017

I stole this song title from The Fibs in a dream. It’s about the late Nevada Hill. It appears on Group Therapy volume 4 by Dreamy Life Records, and features Britt Robisheaux on six-string bass.

Check it out here:

Dayglo Legos

Released 17 October 2017

dayglo legos cover


What happens when DFW lo-fi fuzz rockers The Prof.Fuzz 63 hook up with north Louisiana’s experimental noise-pop darlings The Ian Quiet Review in a deserted pharmaceutical warehouse in downtown Monroe? A crazyass single that sounds like the bastard love child of John Lee Hooker and the Butthole Surfers, with Augie Meyers sitting in on a Vox Continental, that’s what. Check out “DAYGLO LEGOS” and give the middle finger to your boss and your landlord. Just because you can.


released October 17, 2017
Written by Professor Fuzz
Performed by The Prof.Fuzz 63 + The Ian Quiet Review

The Prof.Fuzz 63 is:
Professor Fuzz: Guitar and vocals
Sleepy Redhead: Organ and vocals
Mr. B: Drums

The Ian Quiet Review is:
Ian Quiet: Vocals
Maudie Michelle: Noise guitar
Jimmie Manueva: Bass

Recorded and mixed by Jimmie Manueva at Studio 1, Monroe LA
Mastered by Justin Casey at Single Car Studios, Garland TX
Available on Dayglo Legos

Glitter and Fuzz Live!

Released 22 June 2018

ian quiet: vocals 
professor fuzz: guitar. vocals. 
sleepy redhead: organ. vocals. 
mr. b: drums 

honey bomb, king of hong kong, panda attack, dayglo legos, the sound of j. mascis eating a burrito written by professor fuzz, ©2016, 2018, BMI 

step back, fortune cookie written by ian quiet ©2018 BMI 
hocus pocus written by Ian Quiet, Maudie Michelle, and Jimmie Manueva, 2017 BMI/ASCAP 
arranged by the prof.fuzz 63 

recorded live at: 
• Notsuoah. Houston TX. 13 March 2018: step back 
• The ABGB. Austin TX. 15 March 2018: honey bomb, king of hong kong 
• 524 Studios. Baton Rouge LA. 30 March 2018: panda attack, fortune cookie, hocus pocus 
• Intracoastal Club. Houma LA. 31 March 2018: the sound of j. mascis eating a burrito 

recorded by professor fuzz 
mixed and mastered by justin casey 

Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues

Released 30 January 2019

Kirvin cover

Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues picks up where 2017’s Bang Me Hard! (to get inside) left off, with ten new off-kilter tunes about homicide, rock and roll and other sorted fantasies, identity theft, alien abduction, gender inequality, aging disgracefully, the city of new orleans, and getting high as a kite, all set to a backdrop of pounding drums, roaring organ, and fuzzy-twangy guitars. The album shamelessly name checks influences such as The Crystal Furs, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Buck Owens, Mark E. Smith, Ray Davies, Alex Chilton, and Jerk Unicorn. While you may not exactly hear echoes of these luminaries in The Prof.Fuzz 63’s songs, their spirits are nevertheless present throughout this record.

The title track may be the happiest sounding song about a pair of homicides you’ll hear all week, while the Side A closer, “Black Massachusetts” tells the strange tale of two men, one abducted by aliens and the other who desparately wants to be. These two songs showcase Professor Fuzz’s narrative songwriting bent, and debt to such masters as Lou Reed and Tom Waits, blending coherent plotlines with clever and twisting lyrics. The opening track of Side B, “Bilingual Substitute Teacher,” as well as the penultimate track, “Jerking a Unicorn,” find the Professor expounding on the Mark E. Smith school of songwriting with emphasis on the “Three Rs” (Repetition. Repetition. Repetition). The album takes this approach to its logical conclusion with “Last Rites of Spring,” the pounding, droning finale in which repetative lyrics meld with fuzzy guitars and grining organ riffs, and transforms into a Chan meditative chant. I am the kite, and you can too.

Like their previous two albums and EP, Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues was recorded and produced at Cloudland Recording Studio in Fort Worth, Texas by Britt Robisheaux.

Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues is available in vinyl, CD, and digital download.


Side A
A1 kirvin streetman’s sugar bride blues
This might be the happiest sounding song about a pair of homicides on this record. It’s the only song named after two small towns that flank I-45 south of Dallas. It also name-checks the street I grew up on. Damn, that’s a lot of allusions in just under four minutes. 

A2 the crystal furs sing the best of motörhead
(Guest vocals by Mandy Hand)

A perverted rock and roll fantasy in which a sweet (former) Fort Worth indie pop band, The Crystal Furs, perform a set of songs by the late-great Motörhead. Featuring guest vocals by former Fur, Mandy Hand! Indie pop meets dirty rock. 

A3 nudist buddhist judas priest fan
Speaking of fantasies, this one’s about somebody’s ideal woman: She’s into heavy metal music, eastern philosophy, the beach, surfing, and suntanning. Also, she’s not much into wearing clothes. Somewhere, she’s breaking the law, breaking the law. Somewhere else, she’s not. Karma, baby! 

A4 cantaloupe tonight
A true story about a case of identity theft, not for financial gain, but for the far more noble pursuit of getting laid. This is the second song we’ve recorded with a Hee-Haw reference (see “minnie pearl watch over me” from our first album, Chinese Folk Songs; or not). 

A5 black massachusetts
Every damned day, it seems, I just wish aliens would take me away. This song is about a transvestite with alien abduction envy. The organ playing here is badass. So is The Redhead. Special Agent Scully was a redhead too. Coincidence? I think not. “I want to believe.” Yeah, don’t we all?  

Side B
B1 bilingual substitute teacher 
She’s overworked, underpaid, and criminally under-appreciated. We pretty much stole this song (or at least the songwriting technique) from The Fall (Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!). How many languages do you know? 

B2 little miss solar eclipse
We aim to cash in big time with this song on April 8, 2024: the next time there’s a total eclipse of the sun in the USA. Turn around bright eyes, here comes Little Miss Solar Eclipse, and she’s a bad trip! 

B3 hip priest’s hip replacement 
A little ditty about growing old disgracefully. Dedicated to Mark E. Smith. Four days after we debuted the song, MES died. Someone said that this song is the reason why. To that person, we say, we’re writing a song about you too. Drink a long draught down. 

B4 jerking a unicorn
Weird shit happens in New Orleans, and unlike Las Vegas where you enter into a non-disclosure agreement (“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”), in the Crescent City, you are free to kiss and tell. This is a true story. Ray Davies survived; Alex Chilton did not; the jury is still out on Jerk Unicorn. 

B5 last rites of spring
(Co-written with John Ramos)

Originally written in 1986 as a 45 minute “play-until-they-pull-the-plug-and-arrest-us” song for the annual Rites of Spring Festival at the University of Houston for the Professor’s former band, Sleepyhead (with John Ramos and Gary the Drummer); here reenvisioned as a more compact ditty, though no less droning and hypnotic. I am the kite, and you can too. 

C1 junk-o man
A ditty about a self-generating and self-cannibalizing robot, inspired by Highlights Magazine (you remember, the one in the dentist’s office!). We can argue all day over who was Goofus and who was Gallant, but we are all the JUNK-O MAN. 

C2 hip priest’s hip replacement (slow recovery)
A slightly different take on HPHR, above. 


Released 15 June 2020

Building on the sound and twisted wordplay found on 2019’s Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues, The Prof.Fuzz 63’s fourth full-length LP Owls delivers a slightly heavier sound and a new label to match – Sister Raygun Records. The title track is a sardonic tale about an annoying owl who deserves a good ole fashion ass-kicking and will have you singing along with mischievous glee: “That owl’s an asshole!” “Sheena is a Soccer Mom” imagines the life cycle of The Ramones’ Sheena from punks and Goth gangs to suburban domesticity, yoga pants, and Adderall. The first single from the album “Nadine Codeine” is perhaps the catchiest, most college radio-friendly song the band has recorded to date. And who else would dedicate a song to the Velvet Underground’s Sterling Morrison, but go on to sing about two other famous Morrisons (Jim and Van) in the song itself? The album is rounded out by inspired cover songs by two of the band’s biggest influences: Tom Waits and Flipper. The band gives a garage rock spin to Wait’s “Goin’ Out West” (even sneaking a lyric from The Mummies into the mix), a reverb-drenched lo-fi version of Flipper’s “Love Canal” and a bombastic, organ-heavy version of their song “Sacrifice” which sounds like it was demonically possessed by “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.”

Owls was recorded and mixed by Alex Bhore at Elmwood Recording studio in Dallas Texas and mastered by Matthew J. Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Studio in Chicago Illinois.

Owls is available on red or black vinyl, CD, cassette tape, and digital download.  

Owls (that owl’s a buzzkill!)

Released 20 April 2022
A PF63 release.

Because, apparently you can say the word “ass” on the radio, and you can say the word “hole” on the radio, but you can’t say the word “asshole” on the radio…

Recorded and mixed by Michael Scarborough at Echo Base, Bryan TX and Fort Collins CO
Mastered by Stephen Finley at Sugar Hill, Houston TX

Available here:

Peaches & Herbicide

Released 27 May 2022
A PF63 release, in association with Sister Molecule Collective.

Recorded and mixed by Michael Scarborough at Echo Base, Bryan TX and Fort Collins CO
Mastered by Stephen Finley at Sugar Hill, Houston TX
Cover painting by Maren Farmer Art

Track List:
Van Stoner’s Stoner Van (over the limit)
(Do The) New Plague!
Spaceman Fist
Alien Tow Truck Driver
The Ballad of Los Panchos
The Forestry
Peaches & Herbicide
Fire on a Chain
Ha Ha Ha (by wilkinson, depace, calderwood, falconi [flipper])
Plastic Cup / The World (Still) Needs Nevada

Available here:

Cinnamon Sea EP

Released 1 January 2023
A PF63 release, in association with Sister Molecule Collective.

Recorded and mixed by Clint Niosi at Orange Otter Audio, Fort Worth TX
Mastered by Stephen Finley at Sugar Hill, Houston TX
Cover painting by Maren Farmer Art

Track List:
Cinnamon Sea
Jazz Wives
Climax Aurora Has a Seaside Disease
Your Call is Not That Important

Available here:

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