the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock* from a north dallas garage [*think "white light/white heat"]

On the Air

The Evan “Funk” Davies Show on WFMU (11 January 2023)
Performance + Interview

Sonic Boom! TV (5 November 2022)
A uniformed agent of the US government left a copy of “Peaches & Herbicide” on the porch of a New Orleans area apartment. You won’t believe what happened next!

Radio UTD (14 April 2022)
Interview (about Psychedelic Panther Fest and the forthcoming Peaches & Herbicide album)

Metal Hand of God Podcast (12 February 2021)

UnHinged Magazine (19 June 2020)

Radio UTD Pseudo-Stereo (10 February 2020)

The Band in My Bedroom Tonight (26 November 2019)
Performance and Interview

Metal Hand Of God Podcast (4 April 2019)

Bob’s Asylum Radio (4 February 2019)

Single Car Sessions (1 June 2017)
Performance and Interview

Soundcheck 817 (1 January 2016)
Performance and Interview

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