the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock from a north dallas garage

Next Saturday, Oct. 23, we return to Austin’s Kick Butt Coffee for another appearance at Satellite Fest.
Show kicks off at 6:00; our set is at 8:00 (but we’ll be taking the stage a bit earlier to back 100% National Treasure Jean Caffeine on a couple of songs, so get there early!). Thanks to the fine folks at Satellite Communication for having us back for this year’s event.

Next weekend is gonna be all fuzzed up!

Friday night we play our first ever show at Killers Tacos in Denton (with Vanastro, Lunar Reverb, Stace Spation, and Sadbreed), and we couldn’t be any more excited to eat tacos, make loud noises, and make new friends.
On Saturday night we return to our home-away-from-home, GROWL Records in Arlington (with Nooner Pine, The Sewing Jar, and The Go-Go Rillas!).
Mask up! Rock out!

It’s been a little while since we did a livestream, and while we’ve enjoyed being back onstage in front of in-person audiences, we know it’s still a shitshow out there for some of you (and us too). Also, we miss seeing our out-of-town friends in the comments! So we’re gonna hop back on FB tomorrow night at 8:00 PM Central for a little livestream session. We’ll be playing some of the new songs slated for our next album (which we’ll be recording Labor Day weekend down in Bryan TX!) and some old favorites. Hell, we’ll even take requests from the comments section, if you’ve got something you really want to hear. Tune in to our FB page. Tell your friends. Stay safe! Stay well!

Next up is our debut at Dr. Jeckyll’s Beer Lab in lovely Pantego TX (google map it!). It’s a cool little beer bar in a shopping center next to a snow cone place and a short walk from a really great Mexican diner. So come out early, grab some tacos and a snow cone, and wash it down with some beer, then rock out with PF63, Double Bear, and Spencer Wharton and the Static Creatures. Oh, and the show is free. Starts at 8:00.

Note: tThis will be our last show for about a month (we’ll be working on a new album in early September)., but we’ll be back again in late September in Arlington and Denton for a pair of shows with some friends from Beaumont, some apes, and some other assorted oddballs… Mask up! Rock out!

We’ve got a busy weekend coming up. Friday, August 6, we head West (of Dallas) to play at Main at South Side in Fort Worth with Crooked Bones and Cool Jacket. Saturday night we head West-er (or further West) to play a Covert Concerts event in Mineral Wells. It’s gonna be hot, literally, so mask up, stay hydrated, and rock out!

20210806: LIVE at Main at South Side (Fort Worth TX) with Crooked Bones and Cool Jacket!

20210807: LIVE at Covert Concerts (The Sill. 402 S Oak. Mineral Wells TX) with Clover Grove and No Compliance!

At long last, we return to our home base, GROWL Records/Division Brewing in Arlington!

Join us on Friday July 23 with the punked-up roots rock of The Koffyns, and the noise stylings of the enigmatic Most Efficient Women. We’ll try to end the night on a weird note, or maybe just offer some critical feedback… Music starts at 9:00 PM.

Panda Attack at Growl Records. July 23. 9:00 PM. With The Koffyns, Most Efficient Women, and The Prof.Fuzz 63.
Panda Attack!

Thanks to Tulips FW and The Go-Go Rillas for a fantastic first night back!

We had a blast making noise with the the great apes in the lovely space in Fort Worth. Thanks to everyone who came out.
We’ll be back onstage later this month at GROWL in Arlington (7/23) and Kick Butt Coffee in Austin (7/31). Stay fuzzy.

Photo by The Go-Go Rillas

It’s been a long and difficult year for most of us, but we’re excited to report that the First Family of Fuzz will be leaving the garage and hitting stages again in just a few weeks!

Come join us at our first show back for a FREE night of fuzzed up rock and roll at Tulips FW on Monday July 5th!

We’ll be joined by our friends Go-Go Rillas, who will bring beach balls and bananas and the most fezed up surf tunes north of Freeport.

Did I mention it’s FREE? Well, it is. See ya!

To celebrate the birthday of our OLD friend and overall degenerate Wade Driver (aka Story/Sonny), we’re gonna go live on FB tonight around 9:00 PM Central to play a few songs for Wade and friends.

The stream will originate on our FB page (and be shared to a birthday party event page as well).

Stop by. Rock out. Celebrate making through another year and welcome in the next one. As always, heckling from the comments is encouraged.

Squier Duo Sonic. Tuned to Open D. “Heavy” (but not really heavy enough) Fender Triangle pick. Vintage Vibe P90 pickup. This guitar is all over the new songs we’re working on for our next album.
Mask up and get your vaccine as soon as you can. We’re itching to play live and get back into the studio. Stay well!