the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock* from a north dallas garage [*think "white light/white heat"]

Released 20220101

“Nudist Buddhist Judas Priest Fan” is the first video release from our 2019 album, “Kirvin Streetman’s Sugar Bride Blues” on Dreamy Life Records. This animated short finds PF63 and The Other Ass’s idiot savant Ryan J. Gill once again joining forces on a song that began life as a mic check ditty and gradually evolved into a full-on crowd pleasing dumb rock anthem. Mr. Gill deserves an Academy Award for sneaking in countless heavy metal easter eggs into this sub-three-minute video. And the song, yeah, it’s total fantasy. A woman like this couldn’t be real. Or could she? If you know her, let us know. Asking for a friend…

“Nudist Buddhist Judas Priest Fan”

Video by Ryan J. Gill @ The Other Ass

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