the prof.fuzz 63

lo-fi rock* from a north dallas garage [*think "white light/white heat"]

Big weekend coming up. First, on Saturday, we’re heading back to Orange Otter Audio in Fort Worth to track the second side of what will be the “Cinnamon Sea LP,” with the four tracks we recorded there last fall and released as “Cinnamon Sea EP” constituting the first side of the LP. Stay tuned for “An Amorous History of Paper Airplanes,” “When Lawn Darts Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Lawn Darts,” “Pigment of My Imagination,” and “Shy Ann from Laramie”!

Then, on Sunday, we’re playing at GROWL Records in Arlington with soul-gaze legends The Veldt, and Dead Leaf Echo. Early start (7 PM) and we play first. And just for the hell of it, we’ll be playing all of the songs from the aforementioned “Cinnamon Sea LP.”

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